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Three Ways Preventive Care Promotes Long-Term Wellness

preventive care

Most people’s approach to health care is rather simple: When they get sick, they see a doctor. But for those interested in long-term well-being, seeking care only when you’re not feeling your best is not enough. 

“Preventive care” is the term used to describe the ways someone can maintain and improve their overall health. If you want to better understand how preventive care promotes long-term wellness and how to take advantage of options near you, read on.

Preventive care protects children against harmful diseases.

Health care professionals recommend children get immunized against diseases and viruses like chickenpox, COVID-19, human papillomavirus (HPV), and rubella, among others. These vaccines prevent children from contracting life-threatening diseases and strengthen their immune systems. Getting vaccinated ensures children are protected for the long term.

Preventive care normalizes regular visits to health care providers.

Scheduling regular check-ups with primary care physicians and dentists not only allows these health care professionals to ensure your children are healthy and happy, but they also show your children that visits to the doctor’s office are not something to fear. 

Teaching this lesson at an early age is crucial: As people age, consistent check-ups with a doctor are crucial to detec early signs of serious conditions. 

Preventive care instills lifelong healthy habits in children.

Leading a healthy life is more than just shots and visits to the doctor. The best care involves instilling the daily habits that lead to improved physical and mental health. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends children engage in 60 minutes or more of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity every day, including muscle- and bone-strengthening activities like push-ups and running. In addition, they recommend adhering to a sound eating plan and practicing relaxation techniques to improve and maintain mental health. 

By building these habits at an early age, children will maximize the benefits and lead longer, healthier lives as adults.

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