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Choosing a Health Insurance Plan for Your International Student

Health insurance provides financial protection to international students in case of injury or illness. Some schools may require a student to use a specific insurance provider or a plan that […]

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new guidance for student visa
New Guidance for Acquiring a Student Visa

On February 21, 2023, the U.S. Department of State announced a revised student visa application process. For new students: Student F and M visas for new students can be issued […]

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types of U.S. private schools
Types of Private-Independent Schools in the U.S.

In our previous post, we discussed the differences between private and public schools. Today, we are focusing on private schools, which offer a diverse range of educational programs and approaches […]

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healthy coping skills for stress
How Coping Skills Can Help Your Child Manage Stress

Whether your child is completing their academic program or is preparing to study abroad in the U.S. for the first time, they likely are experiencing varying degrees and forms of […]

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high school abroad
My Child Was Accepted to a U.S. High School—What’s Next?

This achievement is a testament to you and your child’s hard work and dedication, and you take pride in their success. However, their acceptance to a U.S. high school is […]

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prepare for college
How Attending High School in the U.S. Prepares Your Child for College

If you’re considering sending your child to the United States for college or university, you’re looking for the best options and helpful guidance. Have you thought about sending them abroad […]

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public vs. private schools
A Guide to Private Versus Public Schools

Finding the right school for your child can be a daunting task, especially in a country that’s not your own. The United States offers various K–12 school options, including public […]

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How International Students Can Spend Spring Break

Most U.S. schools provide a “spring break,” which is typically one to two weeks off from school in March or April. During this time, students enjoy a well-deserved break from […]

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Telehealth Provides Essential Access to Mental Health Care for International Students

International students face culture shock, language barriers, difficulty understanding their teachers, and myriad other challenges—including maintaining good mental health—as they leave all they know and everyone they love behind. A […]

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Spotting the Difference Between COVID, the Flu, and a Common Cold

As parents of international students, the health and well-being of your children are among your top priorities. One main concern during winter months is the increase in illness. COVID-19, the […]

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Claims form
Managing Insurance Claims Denials

Medical insurance claims can be complicated and confusing. Unfortunately, many people find their claims are denied for a variety of reasons. If a claim you submit for your child’s medical […]

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winter traditions in U.S.
Winter Traditions Celebrated Throughout the U.S.

The winter season in the United States is full of celebrations. There are numerous holidays and traditions observed by Americans, many of which will be recognized at your child’s school.  […]

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online safety
How to Keep Your International Student Safe Online

Parenting has always been hard, but it’s only become more difficult in the internet age. Between social media, gaming, and an abundance of screens, most parents say raising a child […]

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winter blues
What Are the Winter Blues and How Can They Affect Your Child?

Americans are aware of “the winter blues”—when our moods are negatively affected by cold weather and shortened daylight hours. While this might sound like a form of melancholy or an […]

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preventive care
Three Ways Preventive Care Promotes Long-Term Wellness

Most people’s approach to health care is rather simple: When they get sick, they see a doctor. But for those interested in long-term well-being, seeking care only when you’re not […]

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Making friendships
Four Tips to Help Your Child Make Lifelong Friendships While Abroad

Making friends as an international student can be intimidating. Parents are often the first to hear when their child is homesick, lonely, or stressed. It isn’t easy to make new, […]

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Health care centers
Healthcare Centers in the U.S.—Where to Seek Treatment When You Are Sick

Private schools in the United States typically have a health center (also known as an infirmary) on campus. These, however, aren’t necessarily staffed with doctors or specialists at all times. […]

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Prepare for college
How Counselors Can Help International Families Prepare for College

For many international students, the road to an American university begins with attending high school in the U.S. But impressive grades and a stellar list of activities often aren’t enough […]

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Submit a claim
How to Get Your Health Insurance Claims Approved: Instructions for Submitting Claims

An insurance claim is a request for your insurance company to pay for something your insurance covers, such as a trip to the emergency room. This usually involves completing a […]

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Your Guide to Preparing Your International Student for Summer Camp and Activities

Summer is just around the corner. This time of year, many parents start preparing their children for a season full of activities. If your family is traveling abroad for the […]

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FAQ: Student Accident Insurance

As your child prepares for summer adventures abroad, it’s a great idea (and may be a requirement) to have student accident insurance. About 175,000 K–12 students who have been injured […]

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Checklist for International Student Medical Care

Whether your child is going to be spending summer abroad or you’re gearing up for them to head back to school in the fall, scheduling medical appointments now is a […]

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Five U.S. Health Insurance Terms Defined

If your child is planning to study abroad in the United States, they will probably need a health insurance plan. When looking at insurance documents, you may find some terms […]

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Understanding—and Saving Money on—U.S. Health Insurance Plans

International students usually need health insurance when attending an independent school in the U.S. That’s why it’s so important for families to understand U.S. healthcare plans. America does not provide […]

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What to Know About Planning for International Student Health Insurance

Of all the preparations that families make when sending a child abroad for studies, securing health insurance is at the top of the list.  If your child is accepted into […]

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Keep Your Child Healthy This Summer

Students traveling to the United States for summer programs have exciting times to look forward to. It is important to stay healthy as they explore, learn, and grow. Of course, […]

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Admission Interview Insights From an Enrollment Professional

Admission interviews are arguably the most important step in the admission process. Along with transcripts, report cards, standardized tests, essays, and other application materials, they help schools determine whether your […]

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How International Families Can Catch Up on Social-Emotional Learning

The pandemic has had a variety of effects on education, especially when it comes to social-emotional learning. International students, perhaps, may be hardest hit by the lack of social-emotional learning […]

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Here’s What You Need to Know About the International Student Visa Approval Process

Knowing how to navigate the visa approval process can help you do everything possible to ensure your child attends the school of their choice. Being aware of all the details […]

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How to Protect Your Child’s Privacy

As a parent, your job is to protect your children. You want to know they are safe and well cared for wherever they are. When their school is far from […]

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Woman wheeling black suitcase through airport
Parents and Schools: Working Together for a Fun and Safe Spring Vacation

Over the past two years, international travel has seen much change. As new restrictions are announced, parents and families find ways to adapt. Timing can make this a little difficult, […]

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