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Choosing a Health Insurance Plan for an International Student

International students will need to have health insurance when coming to the United States. In order to maintain their international student visa status, the student must have a student accident […]

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Admission Interview Insights from an Enrollment Professional

Admission interviews are arguably the most important step in the admission process. Along with transcripts, report cards, standardized tests, essays, and other application materials, they help schools determine whether your […]

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How International Families Can Catch Up on Social-Emotional Learning

The pandemic has had a variety of effects on education, especially when it comes to social-emotional learning. International students, perhaps, may be hardest hit by the lack of social-emotional learning […]

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Here’s What You Need to Know About the International Student Visa Approval Process

Knowing how to navigate the visa approval process can help you do everything possible to ensure your child attends the school of their choice. Being aware of all the details […]

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How to Protect Your Child’s Privacy

As a parent, your job is to protect your children. You want to know they are safe and well cared for wherever they are. When their school is far from […]

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Woman wheeling black suitcase through airport
Parents and Schools: Working Together for a Fun and Safe Spring Vacation

Over the past two years, international travel has seen much change. As new restrictions are announced, parents and families find ways to adapt. Timing can make this a little difficult, […]

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