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How Attending High School in the U.S. Prepares Your Child for College

prepare for college

If you’re considering sending your child to the United States for college or university, you’re looking for the best options and helpful guidance. Have you thought about sending them abroad to first study in high school?

Here are some advantages of starting your child’s studies abroad in high school.

Cocurricular Activities

High schools in the U.S. offer a range of activities outside school, including sports, music programs, and clubs. These can help international students develop leadership skills and socialize with other students. Participating in these activities can also help students find their passions and explore their interests, which could lead to a college major or career path.

College Readiness

High schools in the U.S. provide academic and cocurricular programs designed to prepare students for college. International students have access to a variety of academic programs, career development opportunities, and college preparation resources offered by the school they are attending. Through these resources, students get help with college applications, essays, and scholarships. They learn the importance of academic integrity, time management, and research skills, which are all critical to their success in college.

Partnering with guidance counselors—either through their school or through another organization—is another way students can prepare for college.

Improved Language Skills

Your child will be immersed in the English language and use it in various contexts, which helps them increase their proficiency. These language skills make it easier to adapt and excel in a college setting.

Many high schools also offer English as a Second Language to assist nonnative English speakers. Students may also have access to English language tutors who can work one-on-one with them.


Last, attending high school in the U.S. helps international students develop independence. They must learn to navigate their way around campus, manage their time, and take responsibility for their academic success. These skills are invaluable when they transition to college, where they will have to be even more self-sufficient.

Attending high school in the U.S. provides international students an excellent foundation for college. They will arrive at college with greater confidence in their language skills, social skills, academic abilities, and cultural competence—all essential skills necessary for success.

When your child is studying in a foreign country, their health and safety are priorities. Let ISM’s International Scholar Protection give you peace of mind knowing your child has access to high-quality health care (offered by the Blue Cross Blue Shield® PPO network) no matter where they are in the U.S.
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