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FAQ: Student Accident Insurance

As your child prepares for summer adventures abroad, it’s a great idea (and may be a requirement) to have student accident insurance.

About 175,000 K–12 students who have been injured while attending studies abroad needed hospital care. And 47% of those injuries occurred when the student was engaged in sports.

This means student accident insurance can be a valuable asset, especially if your child is preparing for a summertime adventure far from home. 

We’re here to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding student accident insurance.

  • What is student accident insurance? 
  • How does it work? 
  • How much will it cost?

How does accident insurance work?

The independent school or summer camp where you send your child might require health insurance, which is also known as medical insurance. Many schools will offer an additional option: to purchase accident insurance. This provides coverage for accidents that happen on school grounds and school-related trips—including any travel. 

Student accident insurance gives parents an extra layer of protection and often includes additional benefits in the event of long-term injury or death. It can be customized for independent schools and camps, and parents often can choose from different policies with various coverage specifications and upfront payment amounts.

No parent ever wants to use this type of policy, but having it provides comfort that your child and family would be cared for in the event of an accident. In that case, the insurance would pay you the correct amount directly.

Will my child’s international student summer camp require accident insurance?

International students can purchase an accident insurance policy solely to protect them during summer camp. The coverage lasts for the program’s duration. The camp may require it, but not all do. Most camps will require parents to sign liability waivers in the event of an accident. A liability waiver protects the camp from legal action if the camp ensures the camper will receive medical care if needed, but could not face legal action.

How does accident insurance differ from health insurance?

While health insurance would cover medical expenses should an accident occur, accident insurance, specifically, provides an added benefit in the case of accidental death or disability. Accident insurance would pay you, or a beneficiary, directly.

Can I set a specific timeline for coverage?

This depends on the policy, but typically, you can select how long you’d like coverage to last or agree to the insurer’s specific timelines for coverage. Because accident insurance can be customized for international students attending an independent school or summer camp program, it may only cover times when your child is on campus so you may not have to pay for times when they are not. 

How much does accident insurance cost?

This depends on the amount of coverage and the policy’s duration. 

When your child is studying in a foreign country, their health and safety are priorities. Let ISM’s International Scholar Protection give you peace of mind knowing your child has access to high-quality health care (offered by the Blue Cross Blue Shield® PPO network) no matter where they are in the U.S.
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