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My Child Was Accepted to a U.S. High School—What’s Next?

high school abroad

This achievement is a testament to you and your child’s hard work and dedication, and you take pride in their success. However, their acceptance to a U.S. high school is only the beginning. 

As a parent, your role is to ensure your child has a smooth transition to their new school. In this blog post, we provide strategies you can use to help them thrive in their new environment.

Do Some Research

After celebrating your child’s success, it’s time to prepare for their move abroad. Research travel plans, like flights and transportation, as well as currency exchange.

Get familiar with the high school campus and the local community. Locate nearby medical facilities where your child can seek care. Review the school’s student handbook to understand policies, rules, and guidelines. Communicate with the school about the housing options that are available—such as host family arrangements—and any preparatory steps you should take.

Obtain Necessary Documentation

Your child will need a passport, visa, and any other supporting documents, such as an acceptance letter from the school. The school’s admission team will provide a list of necessary items as well as support with the process.

 Click here for a full list of documents required in the visa approval process. You’ll also need to obtain health insurance and vaccination records for your child before their departure.

Prepare Emotionally

Saying goodbye to your child is never easy, but it helps to stay positive and support their decision to study abroad. Before they leave, spend quality time with them and have open, honest conversations about your expectations and concerns. 

Keep in touch with your child through regular phone calls, video calls, and text messages. They will experience homesickness and culture shock in their first few weeks abroad, and consistent communication with you can be a comfort during these times. Encourage them to seek out the resources the school provides. 

Remember that high school is a momentous time in your child’s life, so stay involved, be supportive, and celebrate their success!

When your child is studying in a foreign country, their health and safety are priorities. Let ISM’s International Scholar Protection give you peace of mind knowing your child has access to high-quality health care, no matter where they are in the U.S.

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